true friendship is bullying your friends into watching the tv shows you watch

After much thought, I have decided that I am no longer going to keep this blog active. For a while now I have been wanting to break away from a one fandom blog and do my own thing.

If you want the url to the blog I will be using, feel free to message me through this name (off anon ofc) and I will be happy to give it to you! Also, the blog will the same as this one (I will probably still talk/make/reblog  atla & lok things) but with more fandoms (gltas, homestuck, teen wolf, etc) and more of my art that isn’t avatar centric.

I won’t delete this blog just so anyone who wants to look through it can.

Thanks for reading/following!


ew i drew korrasami

v u v


I know this is late but both me and my valentine were really busy yesterday and I wasn’t in the best mood so I’m sorry Kaiiiiii for this late valentiiiiiine ;3; <3



*shows up to the 100 year war 15 minutes late with starbucks*



Yeah I’m really rusty. 8^( Gotta draw more and league less. LMAO

Happy Valentine’s Day!

hahaha i am stupid and just read "currently not taking any requests" SHAME ME SENPAI SO SORRY /shameforever
- Anonymous

hahaha its fine, i’ll try to work on it when i can! :)


Improvising in my drawing style …(Just faces) in this case, LoK … how does it look?

‘Hello? I’m Korra… your new Avatar. Uhm… yes, I am definitely here to stay, but honestly, I - I don’t exactly have a plan… yet…? You see, I’m still in training! But - look - all I know is that Avatar Aang meant for this city to be the center of peace and balance and I believe we can make his dream come to life. I look forward to serving you!’