Really love the Disney short, Paperman, and also really love Korrasami. So why not combine the two? ;) HQ Link 

a bear? that’s weird. I had something else planned for today but my computer ate it :’( so have this quick drawing instead~ Happy Valentine’s day! 

Valentine’s Day is close so I wanted to contribute! Have some qt Korrasami <3


I want my OTPs to kiss and cuddle gently and then fuck hard against the wall (◡‿◡✿)

When you hold me…I’m alive.

Her legs spread wide, Korra pushed up into Asami's tounge, grinding against her in ecstasy. She slipped a finger in and Korra screamed - a sound of pure delight as she rode the wave of her orgasm. "Your turn, honey," she responded, gasping, as the two lovers lay together, in their moments of delight before the first bombs fell.
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this was beautiful up until the very end

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'I can't take much more of this' said Korra in delirious ecstasy. Asami looked up at Korra with a wicked grin and said 'Hold on baby, you haven't even begun to scream.' Then she lowered her head ready to give Korra the biggest orgasm of her life when....
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oh my

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some more quick korrasami bc why not

Been a while since I’ve drawn Korrasami. Here’s something quick bc I’m lazy.

You’re the only one that I want.

can you tell that i really like this ship? sorry for the poor quality. korra is standing on a stool here jsyk.