“Come on, Iroh…” Bumi called back to him, already heading up the ship’s gangplank, the rest of the crew awaiting his orders, “It’s time to go.”

(color picspam): Korroh + Red [Requested by Anon]

the legend of korra, book one.


No longer selling these as shirts. Feel free to use them as backgrounds on your phone, or other personal uses.

Please do not sell anything using these designs.

Thanks, and enjoy! :D


Iroh II, take this as you will.


This show is all about pouting.


drowing myself in irosami feels. buh.
Prompt was ‘tiger lily bouquet’.. but I made it cheesy and unoriginal. xp


The fire benders >:D

All doing the dancing dragon!

There is no Amon…so that makes me sad…but its okay..because there is a Zuko…<3

Poor Iroh II is doing it wrong…

(color picspam): Iroh 2 + Orange [Requested by Anon]

fangirl challenge: [4/5] cartoons/animes - the legend of korra

I look forward to winning back Republic City. Together.