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"I’ve never had a girlfriend to hang out with and talk to before."


a little pre-bedtime colouring. maybe I should have asked Faith for a higher res before I coloured this. hahaha. oh well. <3

original line art by faith erin hicks


Here’s that WIP that I posted! It’s done!  My main babes <3



Korra, obviously.

This is my favorite of the prize drawings. I tried a different, heavier inking style than I usually use, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Make note of the wind-blown look; it was apparently pretty windy in all these drawings.


Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.


Lying girlfriends <3


Asami and Korra for an art trade with the amazing luciand29 :)

How awesome have these two been in book 3? I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to draw them, they’re both flawless <3


I had 30 minutes to kill and BOOM. These two are kickass when they fight together. I still have no idea how Asami’s legs are gonna turn out though…


Taking a break from all the rendering.

Also the only good thing to come out of the whole love triangle with Mako is these two ladies becoming best friends!

Update: Just saw that there’s a #NickFanArt contest! I’m going to make this my submission!

Submission Info

Artist Name: Charles Tan

Email: tancharles.89@gmail.com


Excited to watch LoK S3 :)