ew i drew korrasami

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I know this is late but both me and my valentine were really busy yesterday and I wasn’t in the best mood so I’m sorry Kaiiiiii for this late valentiiiiiine ;3; <3

Really love the Disney short, Paperman, and also really love Korrasami. So why not combine the two? ;) HQ Link 


So an anon asked me today who I thought Korra should be with. And so I realised that I hadn’t drawn any Korrasami yet. 

Korrasami ftw~

a bear? that’s weird. I had something else planned for today but my computer ate it :’( so have this quick drawing instead~ Happy Valentine’s day! 


Some Valentine’s Day Korrasami (◡‿◡✿)



Korra and Asami. All dressed up for a night out. My not-paying-attention-in-class-sketch for today. Seriously, I don’t even know what happened in class today because I was doodling the whole time… 

gorgeous! *o*


Okay I’m filling in for omako for the whole LOK/Disney Crossover thing for today, tis megasami time~

Have a crappy comic because I need to fit korrasami into everything ;D


Lok Disney Madness day 3: Megasami

Valentine’s Day is close so I wanted to contribute! Have some qt Korrasami <3


I did a Kiss meme!: Korrasami edition <3 my OTP.

I’m surprised no one’s really done it yet <___>

my contribution for Valentine’s Day/Femslash February I suppose~

>I forgot clothes on Asami in most of them. oops.

~see full page on Deviantart

The Legend of KorraKorrasami as the main couple


My contribution to femslash february!

…Tumblr is ridiculously difficult when it comes to uploading gifs, jeez. Here’s a bigger version in case you want it.