ew i drew korrasami

v u v


I know this is late but both me and my valentine were really busy yesterday and I wasn’t in the best mood so I’m sorry Kaiiiiii for this late valentiiiiiine ;3; <3


Yeah I’m really rusty. 8^( Gotta draw more and league less. LMAO


Improvising in my drawing style …(Just faces) in this case, LoK … how does it look?

‘Hello? I’m Korra… your new Avatar. Uhm… yes, I am definitely here to stay, but honestly, I - I don’t exactly have a plan… yet…? You see, I’m still in training! But - look - all I know is that Avatar Aang meant for this city to be the center of peace and balance and I believe we can make his dream come to life. I look forward to serving you!’

Really love the Disney short, Paperman, and also really love Korrasami. So why not combine the two? ;) HQ Link 


So an anon asked me today who I thought Korra should be with. And so I realised that I hadn’t drawn any Korrasami yet. 

Korrasami ftw~

a bear? that’s weird. I had something else planned for today but my computer ate it :’( so have this quick drawing instead~ Happy Valentine’s day! 


In bryankonietzko’s latest tumblr post, he includes 2 storyboard pictures drawn by the Krew’s assistant director, Owen Sullivan.


Some Valentine’s Day Korrasami (◡‿◡✿)


01/30 I think some Korra fan art is long overdue on my tumblr.

Beans (omnomsenzubean), and I are going to be doing the sketch-a-day challenge for the month of August winner gets…a thing. A something. Did we decide? I forget.