hahaha i am stupid and just read "currently not taking any requests" SHAME ME SENPAI SO SORRY /shameforever
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hahaha its fine, i’ll try to work on it when i can! :)

How was Heaven when you left it? Happy Valentine's Day!!
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aw thanks

“Ugh, you’re so adorable. I want to be friends with you,” I whisper as I like your posts and never speak to you.
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aw, you should come off anon so that can be fixed~

can we get a picture of you?
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- Anonymous

He showed up at the DC Nation meetup (every sat @ around 10am, I believe) in Burbank, CA! He was extremely nice enough to hang out with us when it was over to talk about GLTAS and other stuff.

You can check out dcnationfans for more info! One of the writers for GLTAS showed up that morning as well! 

what did the gltas director say about asami/lok?
- Anonymous

there wasn’t a lot that he could say since he hasn’t watched lok yet but he did say he wanted to watch, iirc, we just kinda segued to lok from talking about iolande/female characters in gltas!

hi, do you happen to know where to get good hq screencaps for atla? google wasn't much help for me
- Anonymous

from what I can find, piandao.org has some decent quality caps (even more hq for lok).

Her legs spread wide, Korra pushed up into Asami's tounge, grinding against her in ecstasy. She slipped a finger in and Korra screamed - a sound of pure delight as she rode the wave of her orgasm. "Your turn, honey," she responded, gasping, as the two lovers lay together, in their moments of delight before the first bombs fell.
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this was beautiful up until the very end

Asami wears red, Korra wears blue, they should make out and happy birthday to you.
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thank you

thank you, guys <33

other blogs?
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Do you mean other blogs that I run? The only other one is my personal blog. 

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a lot

you said you shipped makorra during ep2-4. did you stop because they kissed? and do you think maybe in book 2 you will maybe have a different opinion about mako/makorra?
- Anonymous

That is part of it, yes, the actions of korra and mako (mako especially) when it concerned their relationship really put me off the couple.

And that really depends. I don’t know, probably not. Hopefully Bryke can surprise me but that’s something I don’t have a lot of faith in tbh.

daffy, could you post some streaming links for green lantern please? I'm having trouble finding it :(
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Here is a good site!

if you don't like mako/ship makorra, then why do you follow people who do?
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because i dont care if they do, i can just blacklist makorra/mako and be fine, plus they reblog/make other things that i do enjoy lol i don’t really care if someone likes something i dont, we all have different interests! and that’s fine!

this hiatus is going wonderfully lololol I’ll try to reblog every now and then but it won’t be as frequent as it used to be.