i actually thought that aang took azula's bending.... do you think that would've been better?
- Anonymous

Hmm, while I understand why some would want that given everything Azula has done, I don’t believe taking away her bending would make anything better. She had already lost to Zuko and Katara after the agni kai. I feel like maybe Zuko held back on wanting to take away her bending believing that she was still redeemable in some way. Because I believe Zuko still cares about his sister.

 STELLARER said: I, for one, thought you did very well with that set. Like, I don’t think it’s the easiest prompt, because it involves reducing each character to one quality, but I thought you put some good thought into it. It was well done.

Well, I wasn’t the one who made those choices, the person who requested it gave them to me. I just made the gifset. But I do agree with the choices they made and feel that each one fit their character in some way. It’s just a little frustrating to see comment after comment how so and so should be that sin etc etc

but thanks though! :)

On your blogroll, the blogs listed are advised for following?
- Anonymous

Yes, you don’t have to, of course! :)

Though it would probably be easier to go through my recs and browse through there! 

- Anonymous

thank you, anon!! <3

have you watched fma?
- Anonymous

Yes! I’ve seen FMA and FMA:B. 

It’s a great show! :)

Hello, where do you get your HD ATLA episodes? I once downloaded the whole three season on Torrent, but the quality was really crappy.
- Anonymous

I got mine a while ago and the links no longer work :( 

If anyone knows where this anon could find some hq download links feel free to message me.

What font did you use for that seven deadly sins post?
- Anonymous
Do you ship Toph with anyone?
- Anonymous

hmmmm, I sometimes can with Sokka but there really isn’t any ship that I’m actively shipping with her in it.

I read this Toph/Azula fic that was pretty good lol

I just see Toph as that strong independent woman who don’t need no man~ you know? haha (strongerbritneyspears.mp3)

Would you have any interest in an LOK seven deadly sins request? I have an assigned list in mind, but I can't make graphics ^^;
- Anonymous

I could try!

Hey! I would like to ask where that second Suki gif is from, the one in the middle where she is just walking? Which episode is that from? /post/37281890203/how-far-weve-come THANK YOU! :)
- Anonymous

It’s from Appa’s Lost Days (S2 Ep16)! :)

  1. That I’m not completely terrible at drawing.
  2. That I tend to be too nice. (kill them with kindness)

I guess i’ll write up two more

  1.  My sense of humor.
  2. That I’m amazing. (◡‿◡✿)


(okay not as amazing as Asami)

rip ur face off
- irohsbloodyentrails

lmao what

what are your opinions on mako?
- Anonymous

Haha okay, I’ll answer this. I’ll put it under a cut since it might be long (and will most likely just be me rambling). 

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inkpenny replied to your post: Somtimes I just stop and think about the missed…
if i don’t get at least one sleepover/girls’ night out next season i’m gonna cry

me too omg bryke please

What are your top LoK and ATLA ships?
- lesliekhaleesi


  • Kataang
  • Sukka
  • Tyzula
  • Maiko


  • forever and always ship: Korrasami